Et In Obsidia Ego

Deciding that re-constructing a mosaic in the woods at night is a bad idea, the players take a sketch back to the relative safety of the hall... The plates, following the attention of an expert in antique restoration.
Construction of a monster to a frightful tomb. Gas constructs move in to close down the transport circle and complete the Claw's envelopment of the player camp.
Meanwhile further constructs move in. Fitzwilliam and Sanchez heroically defend the breakfast queue. Selection of refs and marshalls, looking surprisingly un-stressed.
Action! ...and finding them.
Fitzwilliam and Strongoak contemplate the narrow tunnel entrance they must defend whilst the ancient ritual circle is re-activated. Gunther the Butcher sends in his troops.
Claw constructs break through into the main cavern. Execution (again!) defend the circle from the onslaught...