Photo's from Veil of the Vampire, circa November 2001

Grey ApprenticesTwo Knights of Ancalime
Players at the BarThe Black Guardian and Friends
The Blue FarieA Line of blokes
When Good meets BadA Gribbly
Dr Usher works it outElla and the Black guardian
Scared SlaversGaston delivers a speech
And the speech goes onA Group discuss their plans
Some GryphonsAnd some monsters
Juan Juan de Juanjuanand his noble lads
Lucy - the monsters favourite AuntyA visiting unicorn
Players on the marchStill on the go
the Merciless OneSlavers in the woods
A fightAnother fight
and another fightyes, another fight
One dazed refOne of the local nobility
Some of the locals waiting for foodGryphons on the hunt for slavers
Wayne and Nigel discuss how best to kill the playersNew Drow on the block
Three happpy playersUnicorn guests
Wayne models the latest in ref-wearWillow does some healing
Diplomacy - Willow style